Tony Tran is a performer, teacher, creator, producer and artivist living in Calgary, Canada & London, England. Tran have devoted the past nine years to training, performing and integrating comprehensively the many genres of urban dance, specifically House dance, Voguing and Waacking to all that he creates. He has travelled to New York City, Finland, Montreal, and London in quest for dance knowledge and development with which to share what he has learned to the city of Calgary. 

Tran’s work has been presented by Sage Theatre’s IGNITE!, Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre Site Specific Spectacular & Let Down Your Hair, Springboard Performance Fluid Movement Festival, Hopscotch Halifax, Dancers’ Studio West Alberta Annual Dance Festival and the University of Calgary’s Dance Montage. In addition to sharing his craft, Tran has furthered his career by training and volunteering his time to being actively involved in the Calgary arts & culture community as a Board Member of Springboard Performance and member of the University of Calgary Alumni Arts & Culture committee, production assistance for local dance and performance artists, and lastly, the Community Coordinator role for National Youth Arts Week Calgary.

In 2012, Tran also established his own collective to further the growth and education of Vogue culture and dance in Calgary as the Founder and Artistic Director of The Bad Girls Club YYC (TBGCYYC). This collective of artists integrates Voguing, music, fashion and visual media to create works that challenge performance norms, in favor of diversity, inclusiveness and innovation.