The Bad Girls Club YYC (TBGCYYC) is a collective of artists founded in Calgary, Alberta Canada by Tony Tran, an independent choreographer, dancer, and performer working in Calgary. The Bad Girls Club YYC provides an untapped outlet for creative expression to its homosexual population. Offering diverse demographics a point of access for sharing, learning and appreciating LGBT culture through the medium of Vogue.

Since 2013 The Bad Girls Club YYC has hosted four events: “Out of the Closet: Extravaganza Ball,” “Out of the Closet: Confessions of a Closet Case,” “Out of the Closet: XXXPose Ball” and "Out of the Closet: Opulence Ball." With over 300 attendees, performers and dancers from all over western Canada travel to Calgary each year for this event. It is becoming a well-recognized event in which the publics have come to expect to be of high caliber. The “Out of the Closet: Opulence Ball” is an event created specifically for Calgary and Canada’s LGBT and Voguing community. The goal is not only to promote the culture and practice of Voguing, but also to provide a platform for dancers across Canada to share techniques and practices with each other, to connect and network with dancers from other cities, to learn from each other while building skills in looking forward to the event.  

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